Another luster firing?

Hello :wave: I was asked if there will be another luster firing in December and I was wondering if there’s any interest for my classes? If you don’t know what luster or decals are, let me know so I can show pictures. Thanks! Good bye!

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Bring forth the examples!!!


Haha ok :wink:

Here is gold luster and gold decals…

Here is colored decals…

I’m sure @jamierazzz can post some things with white gold and other lusters too…


Oh dang!! Yeah, i’d love to learn that!

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As always I would sign up :blush: :sparkles:

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I’m interested, and have some decals i wanted to experiment with, as well as learning how to apply luster.


Ok! I put up 2 classes, for Wednesday 12/13 & Friday 12/15 @ 7pm


My mom signed up as a member under my account but it’s not letting her sign up for the event. Is it okay if she still comes?

Of course :slightly_smiling_face:

Have you set up her badge? Family members are added under the MakerManager tab. Also, she has to be logged into the Calendar for it to know she’s a member.

She has a badge but it stopped working last week. We checked that the payment went through and it did so I’m not sure what’s going on. I will just ask someone for help when I’m up there next time.

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Hi! These are beautiful! I’m new to the makerspace and was out of town when your classes went up, but just wanted to say that if you decided to host another in the future, I’d be interested!