Another cheap Kiln on FB MP - $60 in Bedford

I know nothing beyond the listing.

So. Blue Diamond kilns are made in Louisiana. They look to still be in business. This is an older model, and it’s still a manual kiln, i.e. not programmable. Manuals are still available online.

While this might be a good kiln to get started with, you’d have to be aware of the wiring considerations. 230 volts, 55 watts, 24 amps. Goes up to Cone 6, and it’s pretty small. Might never have been used – the outside is very clean and pretty, and the lid looks much, much nicer than our current well-used kilns.

And I’ll bet we could find a modern controller to automate it.

Well, one could search for one. I seem to remember that those tend to run about $500 or so new. I remember asking Conor once when he was repairing the small Paragon that we used to have, and $500 is what I remember he said that those cost. Pre-pandemic, anyway.

Given that the cheapest equivalent kiln brand new is about $1.5K, that’s still a bargain.

I’ll bet we can put one together for less than $100