Another case of Iron abuse

We had another case of iron abuse and it is getting to the point of discussion now that we are debating locking them up. Which we don’t want to do, but we can’t keep doing this!

Please, PLEASE, check your material before you iron. @AmeliaG had to spend way too much of her valuable time cleaning this off.

Also, unplug it before you leave the room. Sure it might have auto-power off, but treat it as a hot iron and unplug before you leave the room. On this occasion, we did not identify the culprit so we cannot directly ban them from sewing for a short time but we are watching, and you will get a short ban if you misuse equipment like this.

(Also reminder, if you do make a boo-boo, own it and let us know!)

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Also - this was adhesive. It took a fair amount of work and iron cleaner to remove it all without damaging the surface.


Might I suggest … having/labeling an iron as FABRIC ONLY and another one as CRAFT USE. That’s how I treat my irons at home.

Oh no, this was used with fabric that happened to have adhesive. Not sure the exact details, but it was used with fabric

Plus fabric can also cause problems.

I am embarrassed to admit that I abused my home iron in a similar fashion once by accidentally setting it to “linen” and trying to iron a pair of polyester pants… made it look like the one in the pic, although I just threw it out and took the financial hit because I couldn’t easily get it clean. Don’t ask how the pants looked.

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Irons are cleanable. Fire risk isn’t my favorite, though.


In the future:
Hot iron cleaner can be purchased for $2 in the detergent aisle. Just squeeze some onto an old towel, and iron at max (or follow the directions on the box).
Adhesive sucked to remove, but scorching and burning is easily removed.

Also you can always use a piece of plain gift wrap tissue paper under/over a potential mess to save your iron/ironing board.


This is valuable advice. Thank you!

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Blank newsprint sold for wrapping stuff for moving also works, is available in large sheets, and very cheap.

I use this at home as disposable crafting paper.

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Would something like a spa timer be useful?
Just thinking out loud…


Good suggestion but in this case I think someone ironed glue.

Well, all modern irons turn themselves off after what seems to me to be a short time of non-use. It does work better if you just go ahead and unplug the things, as you have to unplug them anyway to re-start them.