Angle grinder Issue

Just a heads up. Went to use the only remaining angle grinder fully intact and found the correct back washer is gone and someone has tried to use a smaller one that doesn’t line up with the shape of the grinder spindle. This one is thinner. I used it last weekend and the correct one was on the grinder at the time. Anyone know where it went?

“Fully intact”? Also blacksmithing should really buy their own tools

LoL I was trying to make tools in the metal shop for the blacksmith shop :nerd_face::nerd_face::nerd_face:

We have an angle grinder in the blacksmith shop. He needed to weld something in the metal shop though reasons for using that angle grinder instead of the blacksmith one.

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In one of the drawers in metal shops tool box there are a few of them

Yea I tired them all but none was the correct one to fit it. The one on it now last time I was there is the wrong one and doesn’t seat properly.