Ammo Storage for those who store some


What do you guys do for ammo storage? Im running out of space to store my ammo in my safe. I’m thinking I may end up making a coffee table with internal storage. The internal storage would likely be 50 cal ammo cans.


Plastic stackable ammo cans.


Most of my 30-'06 is in metal boxes. HF has good deals on plastic ammo boxes (25% off coupon this week for one item, BTW – not good for low pridced stuff but handy for a larger ticket item)


This is what I use at this moment. They do however take up room & are not as efficient as I’d like. IE the 45acp can is also used for 40 S&W, so there is more room that could be taken up by more ammo


I have a 3 foot tall, 3 shelf wire shelf unit, that is likely way over its weight limit, and everything is stored in military style cans, because they stack well, and if abused, are more likely to bend, than crack or break.

Not sure where the next shelf unit goes when this one is full.


Won’t Shoot-N-Support night help solve this “problem”?


Not really. I shoot a lot of different calibers. 38 special, 357 mag, 357 sig, 9mm, 40, 45 acp & 22lr. I then have my rifle calibers.



Run over to Dick’s in Flower Mound on 2499. They have a bunch of ammo on closeout and I picked up some .40 reman for $36 for 200 rounds.