Air pressure hose in HAAS has a hole

Hey @Team_HAAS ,

Got here this morning to this really loud noise in the building and saw that the air hose has a hole in it. Is there a way to shut it off??

I found the shut off valve and was able to stop the leak.

Found a temporary airline lying around and switched it out.



@Simpl thank you for taking care of it. Was the quick release an auto shutoff? Could you see what made the hole? I see a few cracks and large puncture.

Looks like a split along an existing crack to me.

This type of airline just likes to crack. I had thought we’d upgraded when we put in stuff into the new warehouse, but maybe not.

We had, this was just a short hose for the coolant blower

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Happy to help. I grabbed a ladder and used a pipe to reach the shut off lever above because I didn’t see one on the HAAS itself.

Where are the air line parts and tools for repairs kept these days?

Depends on the parts. We have parts in the electrical room & some in the machine shop.