AI file for Cameo?

How can I get an .ai file onto the Cameo 4? I need to do a “print and cut”. I know Illustrator can export to .dxf - is that what it takes?

Trying to figure out the work flow … TIA.

Silhouette doesn’t accept .ai files…

  1. The free edition of Silhouette Studio doesn’t directly import .ai files so I’m asking what people are using as a workaround.

  2. Silhouette says their free version imports dxf so I’m asking if anyone is using that workaround and details.

In addition to workarounds, there are three very inexpensive Silhouette options that might have promise. For each, I’m wondering:

(a) Anyone tried it?
(b) Is CA willing to make the one time purchase (IDK how licensing works)
(c) If I buy that edition for my home machine, can I save Silhouette files that the CA machine can use?

  1. The $50 Designer edition imports .svg files or vectorized .pdf and Illustrator exports those.

  2. The $100 Business edition of Silhouette Studio directly imports .ai files

  3. Silhouette has a $39 plug in that allegedly allows you to go directly from Illustrator to Silhouette.

@mreynolds tells me we have this version, so it will directly import .ai files. Problem solved.