AHHHHH CA committee meeting - S*it Sh*t


You know when holidays are happening and the start of a new semester coincides with the week you’re supposed to put a committee meeting on the calendar and you space and Shay reminds you that you’re slipping??? Ya, that’s this freaking week for me.

I screwed up. I didn’t get the meeting on the schedule for Thursday @Team_Creative_Arts

  • Hold the meeting Thursday as is
  • Next week Thursday

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I can do either. I voted to rip the bandaid off and just do this week, but flexible :slight_smile:


I’m going to withhold my vote as I’m fine with either choice.


I’m good either way.


Thanks to the new Room filter on the Events Calendar, it’s a quick check to see that CA is free Thursday. Even if not on the DMS Calendar, am willing to bet your SIG leaders have it as a recurring event on their personal calendars.


This is where my mind went


OK CA meeting will be Jan 10th - I just made the event


Some of the non-leaders, even, have it reoccurring on our personal calendars.


I’ll be there.


I will be there


I’ll be there