Advanced Router Table

What’s the Chance of adding this to the inventory

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$2700 dollars to start. Then you have to buy templates

I agree it’s cool, Bring up the next committee meeting. As easy as that video made using the machine look, I suppect there will be. Huge learning curve? Would you be willing to put the training material together and put up the classes?
@IanLee @Team_Woodshop

Yes I would. when is the next committee meeting?

We had a really sweet Incra joinery fence (I was the first to throw $100 in the pot for its purchase). It was promptly destroyed by our idiot members.

There is no way in hell I’d recommend we buy a $2700 anything.


I’d have to agree with @mdredmond. This would either get broken inside of a week, or cause major injury to an unskilled or lazy operator.

Only way it could be allowed if it is subject to a lockout on the level of the CNC before anyone could access the tool, and I feel this is more dangerous than the CNC due to the bit being much more exposed during operation, along with the nature of manual manipulation of the feed and depth rates.


That was 2700 for the base machine… the templates are extra :rofl::rofl:

PanotoRouter does the same thing for cheaper - Buy Now — PantoRouter

but agreed on most of the above. Huge learning curve that should require a lot of training to access

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