About the Maker Matters category


The Maker Matters category is a place to share links, stories, images, and all matters that may matter to makers - that are not otherwise specific to Dallas Makerspace.

This is a place to share YouTube videos, interesting news developments, and other geeky, nerdy, “maker related” information and fun stuff that does not better fit into any other category.

BONUS: This category is set-up to allow voting on topics. So please vote for your favorite threads! :smiley:

For What am I Voting?

Just curious… can you elaborate on the voting thing? I clicked it and noticed you can also cast a “super vote” but you only get so many. Will the number of votes affect how the post shows up in the topic list?


To be honest, I’m not 100% sure, but I’m pretty sure that it will not have any effect on the order that any topics show up in the #off-topic:maker-matters category (and definitely will not affect the sorting on the main page - which shows the most recent posts regardless of which category they are posted in…).

I just happened to notice that one of the other Admins had installed the plugin a while back, and figured this would be a good category to test it on. Just a way to give extra props to interesting Maker related topics that are not directly related to Dallas Makerspace.

Here is a link to more information about the plugin:

I have a couple other categories I’ve been thinking about creating to use the plugin with… To help encourage more positive posts on TALK. One dedicated to “warm fuzzy” type of posts (it would be a sub-category under the #off-topic category…), and possibly a “Rate the Teachers” type of sub-category (under the #classrooms category), which would allow members to add votes for members who teach at the Space…

I especially like that it’s all positive votes. “Say something nice, or say nothing at all…” type of concept. Vote UP on posts you like… Ignore the ones you don’t (unless there is something about it that needs moderator attention, then flag it according to what the issue may be…).