A successful Blender Class deserves an Encore!

I’d say today’s Blender Class was a hit. I have a much better idea of how these things will go, so I’m definitely considering additional classes. I’m not planning on making a formal series of instructional programs, since I felt that guiding the class according to the attendees’ questions worked out very well.

For those interested, what would be a good time to schedule another introductory class? I would likely cover similar topics, and/or branch out into slightly more advanced techniques, depending on how it goes. In other words, the first class is not a prerequisite for the second, if you’re a total beginner, I’ll make sure you’re not left behind.

Also, two of the computers in the Pillar of Solitude classroom had network connection issues, so nobody could log in. Fortunately, some attendees brought laptops, but unfortunately one person had to share a PC with another. @Team_Infrastructure


As far as the Internet/computers go, I’m aware/was fixing some up the other day - rest should be fixed this week completely.

I took the Lightburn 101 class yesterday and fixed the two computers up front near the door.

Someone disconnected their network cables and they were just laying near the podium.

I’d be interested. As long as it doesn’t conflict with something else I signed up for, I find that weekends work better for me personally since I can spend the time before / after tending to other half-finished projects (and I am sure all know how many of those we all have).

Yes that was me :stuck_out_tongue:

A couple of the computers needed to be updated and also the network switch needs to be replaced which is what I was doing.

I did not realize there was a class otherwise I would have rushed it a lot faster… We’ve had so few classes in there recently that I figured it was safe to do, that was my bad

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No worries. It was resolved quickly and we didn’t end up needing the computers.

Thank you for taking the time to do the updates. Feel free to reach out if you’d ever like a hand.

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Would December 2nd work for you, or have you already signed up for something on that date?

@ozindfw , What day and/or time would work best for you? I plan to cover basic UI Navigation, simple modeling/editing, and build up to a simple model that could be 3D Printed. Basically a re-hash of my previous class, but hopefully a bit more streamlined…

I’m good with that day if that works for you and others. :+1:

I can’t do either the 2nd or 9th. I can do the 3rd or the tenth, or most evenings after Nov 28th except the 30th

Ok, would the 3rd work for everyone?

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I can do the 3rd as well.

What time on the 3rd ? I’m hosting a meeting 2-6 p.m.

What version of Blender ?

I just submitted an Event to the Calendar, it’ll be a while before it gets approved.

Unless it gets rejected due to a conflict or something, I scheduled it for Noon to 4 pm.

As for what version of Blender, anything 2.8 or above should work. I would recommend installing the latest and greatest, although I won’t be covering the fancy features where version number would be important.

If there is a room and time conflict, the calendar does not allow you to submit it.


The event is up! This time with limited slots, so sign up while you can!

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Done! See you then!

Great job on your first class. I left feeling that I had a good grasp on navigating the program to continue expanding on what you taught. Perhaps a curriculum could be thought up if you get enough traction.