A Mug In Hiding!

Hello Ceramics folks!

I hope this picture loads up.

Has anyone perchance seen this slip cast mug? It was on the greenware in-progress shelves next to another project of mine before the cold spell, but now I can’t seem to find it. Any insight is appreciated.


It was dry, so I put it on the ready-to-fire shelf.

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Ohhh! Oh, thank goodness. Hehe. Thank you!

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It’s cute! Is it your mold or one of the spaces, I don’t think I’ve seen it before :slight_smile:

It belongs to the Space.

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I think it was just labeled “basic mug” or something like that.

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Hi. I’m sorry to be a bother about a mug, but just wanted to confirm. You’re sure this is the one you moved to the ready-to-fire shelf? It wasn’t on that shelf last week when I asked about it, so I figured it must have been in the kiln at the time. But it wasn’t with the last batch of items to come out of the kiln, so I’m unfortunately back to having a missing mug. :confused:

I’m not sure about the timeline but there is another bisque kiln that was partially loaded last Friday morning and not started until yesterday because there wasn’t enough stuff to start the load at the time. Could it possibly be in that kiln?

Well, I was there on Wednesday and didn’t see it in any shelf. That’s why I was hoping it was in the previous bisque run. But maybe I just missed it. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.
Thank you.

Yeah. The bisque runs were a bit confused this time around. Folks partially loaded 2 different kilns with bisque, so things got strung out.

Okay. Thank you for easing my mind. Lol

Well, mug is still missing. I don’t see it on the pictures from the latest unload.

Maybe it’s still on a shelf and I’m just missing it…

If anyone else is down there today and wouldn’t mind a glance around, I’d appreciate it. A second set of eyes is often helpful.

Thank you!

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I’ll leave your mug right there. I’m consolidating the bisque.

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Thank You!!!