A Modest, Non-controversial Suggestion To Be Put Forth By Me In The Upcoming Science Meeting

I suggest that we rename science lab committee to “Occult Committee” for one day a year on April 1st and that the science lab be referred to as a temple.

Since ethical science, which is dedicated to the betterment of mankind, is a global social expectation, it only makes sense that the temple be dedicated to an evil demon of some kind. I believe that the demon should be democratically elected to have dominion over the occult temple for that single day.

A list of theological demons across many cultures can be found by clicking on the following link: List of theological demons - Wikipedia

I also came across a book of old english spells and alchemical formulas that can be used for whatever the hell. We can do whatever is antithetical to science. What do yall think of this being an april fools event for science committee? I personally think it is a hilarious idea.


Maxwell’s Demon (aka Daemon)? It is the Science Committee, after all…

I love this idea, it would be interesting to hear stories about how science came about. Or early science mistaken for the occult. I bet the pulled some pretty amazing tricks on people.

This sounds fun, could have theme days that lead up to it.

Definitely need black robes with large hoods, maybe some face masks, some wands, staffs. Could have a pot luck after each of these to build group spirit. Maybe show a couple of cheesy occult movies in Lecture Hall.

  • Robes - CA/Sewing group sew day
  • CA - Cosplay group mask day
  • Wands - Wood Shop day
  • Amulets - Jewelry and Small Metals class
  • Potluck for Occult Day with good food made to look weird like is done on Halloween.

Any fans of The Laundry Files out there? You may want to bring in IT support :wink:


Maybe in the front of the Science area, create an Alchemist/Mad Science Lab display. Bubbling retorts, Jacobs Ladders, plasma globes, mortars and pestles - you get the idea. But on some tour nights demonstrate some serious things that Science is doing or has done:

  • Show some soaps made
  • Essences that have been distilled
  • Mushrooms being grown
  • DNA testing
  • How to make a mood-ring if that’s possible

On the Calendar for that day’s tour listening, put a start time that folks can take part in. This could be an “Attraction” and a chance to get folks interest in. Other committees could also have an “Attraction” display/class. Not all the time but if committees did just one per month then there would be several each week.

This would also be a fun idea for October 31…

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I have some high voltage fun that I can bring in: Van de Graff, Marx Generator, Jacobs Ladder.



“Young Frankenstein” debuted on Oct 31