9/23/21 Writerspace Class: Writing Your Life Story

Hey folks,

Just dropping a quick note here to thank everyone who attended Writerspace last night. Such a good time! Wanted to spread the word that our next class will be on September 23, and by popular demand the topic will be “Writing Your Life Story.”

This class will primarily focus on memoir and blogging but also feature a special module for fiction writers on ways to incorporate your real life experiences into fictional work (for plot inspiration, character development, etc.).

Here’s a link to it on our calendar: Events | Dallas Makerspace Calendar

This class is open to anyone who is interested in the subject, regardless of whether you’ve been to a Writerspace class or meetup in the past. All skill and experience levels are welcome.




Wow! I’m very pleased at how many of you have signed up. Looking forward to seeing you folks tonight!

And there’s still some room if anyone missed this and is interested.

A huge thank you to the great group of folks who attended last night’s writing class (all 10 of you, wow!).

As discussed during class, we’ll be having our regular informal meetup on October 7, where we check in about our personal writing projects/struggles and do some writing exercises, and we will vote for the next class’s topic at that time.

It’s likely going to be either Building a Social Media Following for Creatives, A Beginner’s Guide to (Traditional) Publishing, or Developing Amazing Characters. But we shall see… won’t we?