7-Piece Ratcheting Combination Wrench Set


@Team_Automotive , Some deals at Sears as they liquidate (I assume?).

I realized when doing certain work in Auto that the one or two ratcheting wrenches we still have were really helpful. Maybe we could use a few more full sets, re: expansion?


NB: ordering 3 sets will get you free shipping.


And, except for the 13 & 15, they’re in the size that are actually useful! :smiley:
That’s a very good price btw.


I hate to be dense, but it doesn’t look like those are reversible ??


Flip 'em over.


oh. duh. :blankspace:


Coupon code: 9700086078057135 saves $10 off $100.



The better ratcheting box end wrenches are reversible and have an angled head - usually around 15 degrees and are made in Taiwan.

Marshall - I appreciate you looking out for deals and if you want to order 3 sets - that would be great.


I’ll do it.


Wrenches have arrived. Where are they best deposited? (I’d rather not just dump them under nutboltmas tree on automotive bench…).