$60-80/hr PAID Carpenter Project - Small Crew (2-3 weeks of work)

I am looking for a team of 2-3 with wood working experience to seal up 380 fireplaces in an apartment complex in Addison.
Project consists of painting decking white
Installing 2"x2" Furring Strips with a Nail Gun (Provided)
Cutting Decking to match fireplace opening
Screwing Decking to Furring Strips
Cutting Base Boards to Match Borders
Screwing Baseboards to Decking
Caulk & Paint baseboards

I have attached some photos of a sample I did without caulk.
Entire Process takes about 15-20 minutes per unit.

Ready to start immediately.

Contact Clayton 214-699-9637

I Prefer a team that can handle this vs. several individuals. Only tools needed are a Paint Sprayer, Drills and mobile table saw