50% discount from 3 rd party vendor

I applied for this Sunday, October 27 advanced tablesaw workshop. I was advised that I can get a 50% discount being a Dms member. However, when I clicked on the link for the discount it said that I was unable to enter. I signed up anyway because I didn’t want to lose my space but is there anything I can do at this point.

Tagging @Mrksls2 (he’s the instructor)

Also, (and this won’t help because Talk and WHMCS are separate systems) you might want to ask for your Member Access Green Dot. Talk doesn’t know you’re a member, because that takes human synching. The calendar should line up with the billing system, though…

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Mark posted the discount code, but it’s behind the firewall. Just like Beth @dryad2b says, you need to go to the Green Dot category to request access. Then you will be able to see the discount code.

Brian, I refunded $10 to your card. Also, feel free to join in any advanced table saw techniques class in the future since you weren’t able to make it today.