5/30/2022 resin chamber in use?

there is not a time and date and user name. I would like to empty the chamber and use it. If the member is done with the chamber but not able to get here. Any using this?

Pressure pot was opened this was put back with the rest of the resin.

I think @cvrana was using it yesterday for a class(?).

Looks to be the case. We are out of labels so it would probably be good to print some more and stick them in the cabinet

This the tag i left

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Those came out a bit early. It should be okay. I should have left a time. Sorry about that.

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Really? I went ahead removed them and did mine already. So it is free… So how should we handle this?

They’ll have already set by now. I didn’t see where you put them, though, but there’s nothing to really do at this point. It shoudln’t have any effect on the final result, given that they only came out about 3 hours early in a 24 hour cycle, so they’re probably fine.

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