3D Vacuum Press not getting up to temperature?

When using the 3D Vac Press today, the temperature would not get above 150C. I waited for over 45min and it would not increase above that point. I turned it on, set the temperature to 200C and hit the Heating button twice to turn on the upper and lower plates. Am I missing anything? Thanks.

Was the lid opened or closed? I won’t be able to get in to check it out until after Christmas.

It was closed. I’m going to try it again this afternoon.

I tried again but it still isn’t getting up to temperature. I waited even longer. I don’t know if I’m setting it properly. If anyone else can get it to work please let me know and share the steps you used. Thx.

It is not working properly. After more than 2 hours, I could only get it to 141c.

I’ll ring the vendor Monday.

Just saw this…after struggling with it a bit today. I’ll put a note on it.

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It appears that the top heating element is not working. Suspected to be the power coupler for the top element. Parts are coming, and I’ll get it fixed as soon as possible.


Thank you @CaryF300 for following up on this. And I’m sorry I dropped the ball.

Thank you @CaryF300!