3D scanner help

Is there someone who’s available to help us use the 3D scanner this week and make an STL file of someone’s head with and without hair? :pray:t3::black_heart:

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I’m totally interested in this process as well.

I’ve only used polycam on my iPhone to accomplish 3d scan. I didn’t know this space had a 3d scanner as well!

I would also be interested!

Do we need specific training or is it something we could get together and just figure out?

The 3D scanner is quite old. It is the original POP scanner. But it does OK

We are in the process of getting it dusted off post CoVID and are working on training… Until then, it is locked up

I would be happy to meet you all this week and see what we can do. Tues around 5:30 or 6:00 work?

As for hair and not hair, it gives you what is there. You can take into another program and remove hair.

Bring a thumb drive

Let me know it that time works

@Xccalikid @JohnK

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Max: Could do Tue at 5:30to7:00 or Wed/Thur after 5:30.

JohnK - u said you needed a scan as well. So feel free to join the party


Does anyone have experience with polycam apps?
They say you can scan from your phone.

I have experience with the polycam app. I have successfully scanned and then exported to blender to look at with plans to print with a 3d printer.

My main take away with polycam is that you may want to use a rotating contraption for the picture captures for the best quality output.

That sounds interesting and fantastical.
Can you use household items as a 360 structure or is this something you had to purchase?

you can use whatever you’d like as the 360 structure so long as its not very reflective

How many different sides are you photographing. Is 8 enough, 12. Etc. I’m thinking of an adjustable wooden support. Or is there an easier way?

In case you’re interested, I used FaceGen (facegen.com) when it first came out. It’s probably only gotten better since then. They have a free demo tier.

In addition to generating an accurate STL model of your face, you can age yourself forward, change your gender, and/or change your race.

Here are some examples of what it did for me (age forward to 52, then to 70, then Asian, then female, then Black):
David at 52

David at 70

David Chinese

David female

David half-black

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I have not heard from anybody yet. I will be there about 5:30. If anybody wants to play with it great, if not OK too.

I can say the it can NOT do as good a job as the iPhone/lidar/facegrn example above, if that helps anyone

I would get as many angles as possible. up to 50 photos using the polycam app

So can you take a 360° video, stop the playback at multiple intervals…take screenshots and use the screenshots in Polycam?
Is the resolution that a prints dependent upon the picture resolution that you take?

The polycam app does the whole process for you, you just have to move your camera. it then puts all the pictures together automatically for you and renders the 3d object in that 3d space. (takes about 3 mins) From there, you can download that file as a fbx, obj or stl. I def think the picture resolution is a must here but also, it can be enhanced and upscaled after the fact in blender.

You’d do that by opening the shader tab once you have the object imported into blender.
From there, you will see the png that is being used as the image texture there.

You can open that picture in finder, and feed it to upscale.media (ai upscaling) to bring up some low resolution.

I think the most important thing is getting enough photos from every angle. With out some kind of apparatus, it’s kind of hard to get a consistent amount of distance from every angle. causing you to have inconsistent faces on the 3d scan.

Sounds like a technological leap. Thanks for the overview. No pun intended.

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Let me know if you’ll be around this weekend! I’m def down to make some 3d scans