3D printing workshop

Hello, I would like to request a 3D printing workshop. What are some software to make the model, slicing, and printing.

Are you just looking to learn the process or are you looking for a specific use case?

Hey there! I’m wanting to learn more about the process, but also wanting to potentially print out things in general.

My recommendation is take the 3D printing basics on learn.dallasmakerspace.org. Then go to calendar.dallasmakerspace.org and get signed up for my Bambu X1C approval class and the Bambu Studio Class on the 22nd. That will give you a good grounding.

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Thank you so much!!

No Problem.

And get a green dot. It lets everyone know you’re a member. :slight_smile:

That is one of the things we cover in the new member orientation.

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I will be teaching it on the 22nd at 11AM