3D Printing: Anyone Interested In Hosting A Workshop for Beginners?

Hi There!

I am curious to know if anyone is interested in hosting a beginners 3D print class? I am super interested in learning more about the machine and things I could create with it.



What would you like to see taught in this class? There are classes this Saturday that will familiarize you with how the machines work, but if you want specific things taught I can make up a new class or add to an existing one

Is there space remaining in this Saturday’s class for non members? If so I’d love to join.

if not just show up I teach the class and don’t have a problem with walk ins

@mesham you would need to be a DMS member to use “required training” tools. I don’t see a green dot on your user name. If you are a member and need a green dot, go to the category for membership access https://talk.dallasmakerspace.org/c/00-member-access-green-dot

@Lampy @maxk68 I am currently not a DMS member. Is that a requirement for the Saturday class?

If so, is it possible to create a class for non-members? I’d like to learn more about the different 3D printers I saw while touring the facility, what types of objects each printer is best for making, types of materials each printer can mold and where to get them, and possibly create a small knick knack or tool while there.

Let me know if this is something you all would be interested in hosting for non-members.

Thanks :blush:

In order to use the Polyprinters we have here yes, but I don’t mind you coming to the class to learn about 3D printing

Thanks, what time is the class?