3D printer newby help

Ive been around 3D printers for a few years. Seen them run. Took the DMS online printer courses.
Im so new with the software.
Would anyone be willing to walk me through slicing, hollowing, supports and machine set up of a small model?
Both on the Resin and FDM printers?

I have a long list of projects that I would love to work on, but even (what seems like) the simplest print is bringing up a lot of questions I cannot seem to find the (youtube/forum) answers to.

Im typically free evenings and weekends.

Lol…I’m right there with you! I need a little more hands-on before I’m comfortable enough with it to fly solo. And tbh, frankly I don’t have the time to sit frustrated for hours repeatedly making a stupid mistake that a more experienced person would have caught sooner.

@Team_3D_Fab. Something like laser is doing with their “office hours” would be great.

They just posted an intro class for Sunday on the calendar. I signed up even though I’ve been doing some 3D printing for the same reasons.

WOW…those classes filled up QUICK! @cvrana not that you don’t enough on your plate, but…obviously there’s a need.

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