3D Printer Backpack


I had this crazy idea last year to make a 3D printer backpack.

The Midwest RepRap Festival was coming up, I wanted to debut it. I designed all the parts for the frame using Fusion 360. The frame is 1/2" plywood CNC routed, the EVA is lasercut, and 3D printed mounts and spool holder.

The fanny pack has two 4S 5000mah batteries to power the printer, with a 12v DC regulator, and a 5V regulator to power the Pi Zero W for Octoprint. The spool holder unscrews and uses a lasy susan bearing the spool can also be used as a stand.

MRRF 2018 was amazing and I got to meet some awesome 3D printer YouTubers and everyone loved the backpack printer.


If you can post that to one of our FB accoutns, then I can share ti out more


It’s not crazy, it’s GENIUS!!


@themitch22 is a YouTube star, featured on Thomas Sanladerer’s channel. And not just once!

at 4:20 https://youtu.be/d6GltNhkvG4

and again https://youtu.be/vbe4_mAA__s