3D Printed Gadgets for Woodworking


Me likey:



Wonder the life span of the feather board jig?

Those things are helpful, just wonder if it would look like spaghetti after a week?



Me too. The micro-jig ones we have in Woodshop don’t get too much use, and therefore little abuse, I notice.

I like the idea of quick and cheap(ish) replacement, though. As well as maker-oriented perspective. Kinda like the bandsaw zero-clearance inserts that get 3D printed every now and then, and the dust cover for the Multicam.

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I’ve collected, modified, and in some cases created a number of tooling/makey things. They are collected on Thingiverse:



Lottta good stuff there! Sanding sticks look great, as do t-nut things.

I gotta get my 3D printer out of it’s box…sigh.



I haven’t had a chance to print the sanding sticks yet.

I like the painting triangles.

The parameterized knobs are good for holddown jigs. I also used them for the leatherworing stitching ponies (though I printed them at too low a fill - I’d go with 50% next time).



I built someone some bookcases a while back and they wanted adjustable shelves so I made a shelf jig in Fusion360 and printed it out. Worked great. The edge stop is removable so it can be laid down flush on a board if needed. Not pictured are the two pegs printed to fit in the holes as you move it up the board.



Also neato/good thinking!



I may print some. I’ll be using it on a saw with a 3" diameter blade.

Ha. Who am I kidding? I already have two that I don’t use. But the nerd in me is attracted to the idea so I might just make another one.



Given the design and the horizontal layout, if you printed them in ABS with 50% fill I imaging they’d hold up pretty well. The expensive part is the magnets, though: you can buy a feather board with MAGJIG 95 magnets for about $68. The magnets by themselves are $59, so printing your own feather board doesn’t really save much $$$. If you already had the magnets and your feather board was FUBAR, that’s a different calculus.



Closer to $55 on the Amazon, if it matters?

And 70 lb 1.25" diameter magnets (probably more than strong enough) are about $3.5 (in pkgs of 4).

Pointing out in case someone is actually thinking of making these and wants to calculate their costs vs. benefits of other choices.



The catch is that Flex items from layered approach are a lot more likely to fail/delaminate than injection molded. The layers add a bunch more failure points. I had a large issue with this when making little fidget spinners. The plastic had a minor amount of flex around the center baring when spun. This would lead to a failure within about 2 weeks. Also, the ABS tension breaks are bad as well.

But, still hopeful it just works. :slight_smile:



Strengthens the layer adhesion at the cost of lower overall strength. Might be worth it.

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