3D print Controller

I have a DIY 3D printer based on an Arduino Mega 2560 and a Ramps 1.4.

The Mega died and I’m wondering if there’s a better controller to use?

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The mega is probably the cheapest solution and has enough horsepower for the job.

There are other boards out there if you needed support for more I/O (an additional extruder for example).

You might consider a new Mega, and upgrading the stepper controllers for smoother/quieter action. TMC 2209 Trinamic silent stepper drivers is one example.

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I would also look at the Bigtree 1.3 or mini.

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I’ve used the MKS Gen L boards before they’re pretty good. The TMC2130 stepper drivers are a good upgrade if you haven’t already.

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If you need six stepper motors and only stepper motors and a wider voltage range. I would go with the rumba

If you want 5 stepper motor or 6 servo and can deal with 12 to 24V and you want next generation options, then Mitch’s suggestion of BIQU MKS Gen L V2.0. is better.

Both support auto leveling.


I really like the stuff from https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbgBDBrwsikmtoLqtpc59Bw
about stepper motor drivers… I just have not had time or money to look into getting great stepper motor drivers and encoders for great motors.

I use dual motors for the z axis, doesn’t look like any of these boards support that. I could rewire and just split the connector I guess.

All my printers have a Duet 2 Wifi controller in them. I wouldn’t go back to a RAMPS based board ever again:


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