30" long cross cuts (too big for sled)

I’m making a 30"x24"x2" cutting board. Need to make 30"x2" cross cuts, too big for any of the sleds. Used the track saw for the initial cut, squaring up the panel, but afraid it will be impossible to make all those cuts parallel that way.

Any suggestions?

Have you considered the sliding miter table on the saw stop?


This is the answer. The sliding table will make quick [and clean] work of this.

I should be up there around 6PM Wednesday [before the Woodshop Basics class] if you need any pointers [though it isn’t difficult].

Didn’t know we had one…perfect

The miter for the saw stop is above the miter station… if you need help setting it up . I’ll be at DMS this afternoon

What is the recommended technique for the last couple cross cuts when it’s much longer than wide? It’s a cross cut, but looks like a normal board - say 6"x30"…miter sled stops a couple inches short of the blade. I used boards behind and alongside, but cut drifted slightly.

I would then transition to using the fence (with crosscut blade).

You should always support the longest (and only longest) edge while cutting. This not only provides stability, but it also limits the risk of kickback.

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