3/16" disc cutter?

I need to cut some 0.020" thick aluminum into 3/16" circles (just a few). Any suggestions? The disc cutters in Jewelry are 1/8" and 1/4".

Maybe drill a 3/16" hole into two pieces of steel and sandwich the aluminum. Then use a rod (maybe sharpened) to punch them out? Basically make a punch?

Use the punch press.

I assume this means we have a 3/16” punch?

Not sure if the press has that size, but if we do the press is the easiest way to do it.

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(assuming we mean the turret punch press…)
It did have at some point in the past… not sure about right now…

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IIRC it does, but for material that thin make sure you sandwich it between some sacrificial pieces. I was doing some 0.050 aluminium and whilst the pierce is great, getting the die out and keeping it clean is harder without the extra meat.

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Well, since I’m here right now I’ll just walk out there and look. Thanks!

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For reference, here are the punch sizes (3/16" to 1.5", in various increments) @artg_dms and I figured out how to use the punch. Unfortunately, I need the punch, not the surrounding material, and the punched part was significantly domed. But it was a great learning experience and the punch is super easy to use!


That punch machine was donated to DMS from my former employeer that I retired from. What is so nice about this punch is that it is manually operated.


Try turret punch in machine shop

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