2021 Ceramics Committee Agenda for March 2, 2021

Committee Agenda

  1. Tshirt slogans -GET CENTERED
    Announce winter and next steps (ASC)
  2. Open items
    a. Slip cast table SOLD thanks to Clark for $250(ASC)
    b. Shelving Update (ASC)
    c. Track lighting Proposal (ASC)
    d. Glaze- (Clark)
    e. Bats- (Patrick)
  3. Special Firing request for April
  4. Praise for potters (April)
  5. Grocery list
    Thermocouples (ordered)
    Kiln Shelves – 2 Core lite kiln shelves cone 10 26” half for Skutt 1222

Upcoming events/News
Deep clean 3.7
Next committee meeting 4.6
Can’t make it in person?
Or dial: (US) +1 727-502-6481
PIN: 708 802 187#


When is the next meeting? Do you have the date listed correctly above?

this is when the next meeting is they are all on the calendar


Thank you! I may have misread the ceramics meet agenda post on Talk. It looked like the date of the next meeting was for April :slight_smile: TY for confirming that it will take place in March. I thought weather or other issues may have bumped the March meeting.

Its always on the event calendar.


Hi! You can always find all upcoming committee meetings listed here on the DMS calendar of events.

The date/time are also listed on our wiki here.


Track lights?

You’re welcome to come to our meeting in person or virtually to learn more so you can ask questions and get answers in real time…
I won’t be outlining my plans here.

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What a great example of leadership!.

Let’s keep thing secret so nobody can object to our plans for world domination via tracklights.

It’s not a secret when it’s literally been put on the agenda for a public committee meeting. :roll_eyes: Sometimes your posts crack me up! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

In case you didn’t get it, it was sarcasm, intended to be absurd…

Just like the absurdity of being intentionally cagey about an agenda item. Because you know, we can…

That’s why I said sometimes your posts crack me up. :wink:

Adding to agenda:
Getting rid of the abandoned pots from top of cabinets

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Noooooooo!!! I actually use those when trimming things like juicers. :weary: :broken_heart:

we discussed it in last months meeting

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Sounds like you need grab the ones you use and put them in your ceramics bag

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Yup…that’s what I’m thinking too.