2-part epoxy clay?


I know there is a 2-part epoxy clay that jewelers use for a variety of things … including to fill small casting voids (if the casting is going to be painted). The putty-like “resin” is white and the putty-like hardener is grey.

Can anyone identify the product name for me? I need to do a tiny repair and I think this would be the best product.



Be right back. I believe I have some…

I have Apoxie Sculpt. It is unopened. The color is white. It now serves me no purpose (replaced by wood machined with the MultiCam). You may have it. I plan to be at DMS tomorrow. If you have a storage box I will happily drop the stuff in there. Or, I’m just 15 minutes from DMS so I can meet you when convenient.

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Wow! Awesome. I need a piece about the size of a pea - maybe less.

I do have a galley bin. Orange. First column (next to the trash cans). About thigh high.



ApoxieSculpt (comes in A and B tubs)

or Milliput (comes in A and B bars) are both white and gray.

“Green Stuff” (slang for Kneadatite) would also work. You can buy it at hobby shops (Games Workshop and Reaper Minis sell rebranded versions). It comes in yellow/blue flat ribbons so mixing tiny amounts into an even green is straightforward.

Green stuff is finer-grained than the other two and can be sculpted into fine details. This is the epoxy Putty of choice for sculpting 25-28mm RPG miniatures.

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I can drop by some green stuff on Friday if you want to use some. It’ll be green, not gray-white.



Apoxie Sculpt delivered.



Don’t buy re-branded green stuff. You end up paying $5-$10 for like 3-6 inches. It is easily found under kneadatite on Amazon or Walmart for $13 for 36 inches (3 feet will last you a long time). FYI its originally a plumbers putty.

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Epoxy putty just hardware store is mighty fine to



Thanks mucho!

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