2 $25 Tandy leather gift cards

I was given these gift cards a while ago, but I’m never going to use them. Does anybody want them (for free, as long as you show me what you make)?


Maybe donate them to the Leather SIG for class materials.
@Team_Creative_Arts (don’t know leather SIG’s @)


Paging @jnorine


We could definitely use them for consumables for the SIG - if you’re amenable, we could do this one of two ways (barring any procedures I’m missing from the higher muckety-mucks who can provide guidance): you can pass them on to Creative Arts and the Leather SIG and we can use them directly, or we can work together to create a list, you can purchase and then donate the materials directly.

I can tell you right now that we’re in need of wool daubers, maybe some leather dye, and some hand-stitching thread. So, that’s what we’d probably use them on.

That being said - I don’t want to be greedy, so if there is someone who wants in on the fun too, maybe the SIG can have one and a maker can have one. The joy of you making a donation like this is that you can set the parameters and we will cheerfully abide by what you’d choose.

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Donating to the sig sounds good. Let me know where to put/send them, and it’ll be done. If an individual comments wanting one, they can have one and the sig can have the other.

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Quick someone lock the thread so they can both go to the sig!!!


seconded. and more

oh oh. i claim the second and donate it to the sig


I am not 100% sure when I’ll be at the space next. If it is ok with @jrkriehn and @Team_Infrastructure (I apologize if infra has no control here - I’m just at a weird loss of who to tag) you could put them in an envelope, write “Leather SIG” on them and put them in the slot on the CA payment kiosk?

If anyone has a better idea - I am all ears.

And once again, thank you so much for these - they’ll go to some very good use for CA and the Leather SIG.

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Since only the finance committee has access to the payment kiosk, the donor can probably drop in the finance lockbox/mailbox in the common room as another option.

@brsims - can you give the appropriate parties a heads up that an envelope labeled for Leather SIG will be deposited in a payment kiosk or in the finance lockbox? Thx.