17" Philips 107S CRT monitors SVGA brand new in box

If anyone is interested in free circa 2001 17" CRT SVGA monitors for arcade purposes - I have a bunch of them. I would be more than happy to drop several off for anyone that wants one. Cleaning out some storage units. Just comment here. If the group would like a few extras to just keep at the space for future projects let me know. Otherwise they are going to recycling…

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@Team_Vector any interest?

Let me ask a retro computer friend.

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I’ll take two, can you bring them up to DMS tomorrow (Thursday afternoon)?

I also will take two for an eventual Bartop mame cabinet.

Please do not leave any of the CRT’s on the Member exchange shelf. I had to turn away several smaller crt’s earlier today.


I work in East Dallas and live in Plano - have not even picked up from storage yet. There might be some 19s as well. Not positive - would those be preferred? I doubt I will make it over to the DMS today. If you live towards Plano it might be easier to connect on that side of town. But I can eventually make it over to DMS within the next 5-7 days.

I’m in Plano, I’ll ask and see if he’d rather have a 19 or a 17. I’d imagine that one fits better than the other but we’ll see.

I have a compact SUV and can meet you next week sometime in Plano wherever

Sounds good - I will swing by storage tomorrow and pick them up. And let you know for sure which size they are - I can always grab some of both. And then we can setup times to meet up. Thanks guys - glad they are going to get used and not just dumped.

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Two 17"s for me please.

If any 19” I’ll take some

I did not have a chance to swing by today and grab them - will do it on Monday. Thanks for your patience.


Enjoy your weekend, it’s not like the monitors haven’t waited a while, they should be ok a little longer before finding their homes.

Ran by storage. Don’t have any 19s - my memory failed me. Getting to be kind of normal these days. I have 4 17s in the back of my van - 3 brand new in the boxes and 1 loose - but basically looks brand new. I have plans tonight but will be at the house. If anyone wants to swing by tonight let me know and I will PM you my address.

Malcolm and I are meeting up at race trac on east side of 75 and park Thursday at 630 - can you make that?


I’ll be there

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wow… just now finding out about this.

Could use a bunch of them for that RetroPI / DIY mamecab class that we’re been doing.

I only have 17" ones left and not new in box - but in very good shape and about 20 of them. But I am swamped right now and leaving on vacation next Tuesday morning. If you could meet me at the storage place you are welcome to take as many as you can carry. Storage is at 635 and Greenville - I could probably meet you Friday around lunch. Or Monday at lunch. I will PM you my cell - text me and let’s see if we can work something out.

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