16-Bit CPU in Excel

Youtuber InkBox builds a complete 16-bit CPU in Excel, with 128x128, 16-color, display. No macros/VBA are used - it’s all done with formulas and conditional formatting. Well, the assembler is written in python.

Very impressive and cool!


Why not?

They now have emulators for vintage computers written in JavaScript/TypeScript which runs in a browser. Modern computers are so much faster than vintage hardware.

Until I saw “3Hz” not 3MHz or even 3KHz…

It’s so slow because it’s all done with Excel formulas - no VBA scripting. Not that VBA would be any speed demon, but would surely be a for orders of magnitude faster than formulas.

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Having committed many an atrocity with massed arrays of Excel formulae I concur. Pivots, VBA, anything is faster than cell formulae.

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