134 lb Peter Wright anvil on Craigslist

If you’re looking for an anvil, there was a Peter Wright anvil for Sale on Craigslist. 134 lbs. $1150. Works out to a spendy $8.58/lb.

Looks like it’s been cleaned up with a flap wheel, and I think the corners have had some welding done to them to sharpen up the corners. Not necessarily a bad thing if done with hardfacing rod (mine was and it’s worked fine for me).

I’m not advocating for this anvil (PW’s are good anvils, but it’s pretty spendy). For perspective, assuming the anvil is in good shape and >100 lbs nowadays $3/lb is a good price and $5/lb is ok. North of $6 would have to be an exceptional piece (or you really want one). A reasonable quality 100 lb anvil can be purchased new for ~$350.