1-on-1 Tour and Badge Issue

I am not one to pry; but could someone to find a volunteer to schedule a meet with me

for a Tour and get a badge. i was just there saturday at 10:00 and found out there was nobody about

you can reach me at my email address @

[email protected]

Thanks in advance


Did anybody email you? I’m here most afternoons and evenings (except Thursday).

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yes. a gentleman by the name of J. Harnett.

So here is the story;

I joined in April. waited for reopening.

found out the tours were on Saturdays at 10AM

got to the door to ring the bell. no one came.

figured was either busy or something.

left a message one the phone

Mr. Harnett suggested the talk forum for help.

made the post.

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Can you give me a tour and issue a a badge?

you can reach me at

Mod edit: Talk gets indexed quickly by Google and we might not want our email out there in plain sight.

warkong72 at yahoo.com

i am Reid by the way

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I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve added the “expand for details” code to your email address for exactly what the description says.
Also, just to help with expectations, yes, our tours are cancelled, as noted on the website:

and we have some rules that need to be followed, including coming in to get access badges:


which is this link:

In short, non-direct vent facemask will be needed if you do nothing except tour and badge. Other committee areas may have other requirements that can be seen on that page.

Welcome, Reid!
(and thank you, @dryad2b Beth!)

Beth can help you with badge access; I suggest coordinating here instead of email so another volunteer can pick up if someone has a change of plans.

thanks everybody. just wanted to be sure about the process.

hey can i come in around 15:00 today

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