Zipper pouch class


So, once upon a time (not far, far away), someone wanted to learn about zippers, thinking that would be part of the “basic” sewing classes. I said “no”. I’ve been pondering how to teach zippers since then. They aren’t overly difficult. Part of the difficulty is fitting them into our class structure. Usually, the zipper part would be several hours into the whole “construct your garment” thing. Not ideally suited to the way DMS classes work.

Zipper pouches. That’s a simple, quick project. Some cutting, 2-3 seams, and that dang zipper, and it’s done. I see that fitting into a 2-3 hour class.

Now – I think this should be a pattern class. Sure, I could wing it, but having a pattern means things are (well, pretty much) guaranteed to work together. I went out on JoAnn’s website, and Simplicity has a nice bags and pouches pattern that includes a zipper pouch. $16 (or maybe $18). Cough.

So – does anybody have a nice zipper pouch pattern hanging around? Right now my plan is to wait for the sales. JoAnne’s regularly has the patterns on sale super-cheap. I haven’t looked in long time, but those $15-$20 patterns go for $1-5. Right now they’re doing Vogue patterns for $5, but Vogue’s bag pattern is just for messenger bags – more complex than a small zipper pouch.

The class will happen. Sooner if somebody has a pattern. Later if I’m waiting for a sale.


I made a few of these a while back. They were really quick to sew up.


I’ve got this one kicking around. It says $12.50 but that’s actually for the patterned fabric from them. And this from Craftsy is free and looks like the results are comparable.


I doubt it’s what your looking for, but I have my digital design file I used to make my leather pouch. It included a zipper. It may be a leather n lasers class next year.


The Craftsy one looks like what I need. I’ll try to download it when I get to the Space tonight. And check for zipper feet…

The Melly Sews looks fine, but I’d like something printable to work from. Even though they’re not particularly complex.


Thanks for offer, but I was kinda hoping for the whole “commercial pattern” experience. Not that I need it, but it could be a beneficial part of a “learn to sew” class.

Potential students – if you’re reading this, don’t worry about having to learn the machine first. It’ll be included.


No problem. I never learned “how to sew” so learning as I go. Makerspace style. :wink:


Not what you asked, but pillow with a zipper is pretty simple, too. Good holiday project as well.


True. Basically a large zipper pouch that you stuff…


Or you put a pillow form in it so it’s washable.

But now that you mention it … here’s a really simple idea for a zipper pouch.

  1. Take a piece of fabric. Install the zipper in the middle of it.
  2. Fold it in half, inside out, with the zipper on the fold (and partially open of course).
  3. Sew the other three sides - any length you want as long as width matches zipper.
  4. Turn right side out.

What could be easier?


And now I have a strong urge to go home after work and make a zipper pouch just because


So it’s not just me? Good!