Zenith console radio - Free

This radio has been in my family for several generations. I’d hoped to restore it, but with a new baby, we need diaper money :slight_smile:

Don’t know if it works. I could tune a few stations a decade or so ago last time I powered it on. Missing a couple buttons on the front. I believe everything except the power cable is original.

$100 In Farmers Branch, maybe 5m from DMS.

image image image



Dropped the price after doing a little more comparison

Ok, need this gone. Anyone at the space want it? Pitch me money for diapers or beer if it’s worth anything to you, otherwise, you can have it.

Any takers?
*ps, if someone from @Team_Moderators could alter the title to say free instead of $100, I’d be grateful

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You may have seen me at the DMS rebuilding/restoring my RCA 816K cabinet.
Looks like you have a Zenith 469 (6 tubes/3 bands) circa 1940.
I am running low on apartment space. However, I do have a call in to some local collector - friends in Dallas and will let you know shortly if your set has a new home.

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Contact the Vintage Radio and Phonograph Society, they are a local group of antique radio collectors in Irving. Someone there can help you.

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Thanks @Will1 and @richmeyer! I’d love for this to go to someone who would restore or update it.

@collinrh thanks for taking care of that. For some reason, I don’t have that button :man_shrugging:t2:

So much want.
So little time.
Best of luck in finding it a good home.

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I heard back from Fred. Unfortunately, he is not interested. This was a low-end model with no real collector value. Considering that this is a family heirloom, I would recommend keeping it to restore when you have the means. Craig’s List or Facebook may be other options.