Yum Brands open maker position

A connection at Yum Brands reached out to me with an opportunity for a makerspace technician at their space here in Plano.

If anyone is interested go ahead and apply and just list DMS as your referral.


I do not qualify, but it would be interesting to work for this person.

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This is exactly the kind of post (but it was on our bulletin board at DMS) that landed me a dream job at 7-Eleven playing with and designing IoT electronics + code for our stores. So fun.

This position looks awesome, though I’m happy where I am. Anyone with the skills ought to apply. I hear Yum! is a pretty good place to work and the job description just makes it sound better.

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Probably worth it just for the taco bell access :grin:


I don’t know who comes up with these job descriptions but it certainly isn’t an engineer. What does Automation even mean anymore? It’s like saying innovation, the word has been abused by corporate c-suites so long it’s lost all meaning. Also artificial intelligence is the new “innovation”/“automation”. Sure it’s kinda cool tech but also way overhyped as with everything else. Robotics is the only operative word in that whole job description that means anything. If I were a robotics person this is the job I would be looking for.

See link ai overhyped:

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Go into any fast food restaurant today and you see a monitor listing items for the “cooking” staff to prepare. It wasn’t always like this.

I grew up in the restaurant business.

Because our place was not “order at the counter,” we could not automate this. Our servers wrote orders on pads of two-part forms. The yellow “duplicate” copy was clipped to a rotary wheel in the kitchen when submitted; when the order was ready for pickup, that form was stuck onto a stack on a spindle. The cookstaff then pushed a button to a buzzer “out front” to notify the server that an order was ready to serve.

There was only one buzzer so no way for a server to know whose order it was. We had travelled enough to see some of what other restaurants were doing. We could not justify buying a solution from a restaurant equipment supplier so I, an engineering student at the time, contemplated building one.

As an early adopter of “start projects, finish whenever,” the project never got to the hardware design stage…