Your handwriting is lovely but you're not helping

While its looks pretty printing “broken” on one of the printer does not help anyone, It does not identify the problem AND its was not posted on talk.

I have been gone for 5 days and 3 of the printers had some form of sign on them stating they were not working, not a one identified the problem or was reported to talk.

If its not on talk it does not get fixed in a timely manner.

Please in the future identify the problem and post on talk.




The handwriting IS pretty.

But not in the least bit helpfull


So… The majority of members don’t participate on talk (they either don’t drink or value their sanity).

I agree that the signs are only marginally helpful but whoever made them probably isn’t going to be here to get the message that they should have posted here.


Its taught in the basics class that when there is s problem with the printers it’s supposed to be reported on talk.


I get it. But if someone isn’t on talk they probably aren’t going to register for the sole purpose of reporting a problem. They are going to throw up their hands, say “not my problem” and walk away.


This message is for those who are on talk

Maybe registering on Talk should be a requirement for membership.

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No we want to keep people around.


Maybe, but if they must report defective equipment here…

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Sheesh. Just because a person has registered on Talk, and done the thing so that they can post, does not mean that they will necessarily get sucked into any drama!

There are many threads that I Just Don’t Read. Unless they’ve got some weird syndrome that makes them read everything, it really isn’t that hard to skip the drama.

In Ceramics, I point out that they should be following the Ceramics group in order to see the progress of their work. All ya’ gotta do there is click on Categories, instead of reading off the main feed. Similarly, a person who’s signed up enough to post on Issues is not required to drop in and read the main feed – ever.

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I was reading everything, almost everyday, when I was on the Board last year. It was a steady chunk of time every day.

I have mostly been off of TALK of late though. Surprising how much extra time I have now.

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To be fair. posting a problem on talk requires a ton of formatting and the template is not readily available. Way too much fluff text

there are no extra steps at all, just choose talk and issues and request as the category, then type the problem, there is no formatting or templates to look up