YBCO Super Conductor Video

I know we created YBCO in the lab a while ago but didn’t know how it turned out. Were we able to get superconducting properties?

Sure you’re not confusing this with that Y-something-or-other Blue color that Science cooked up?

YlnMnO (I pronounce this “yellin-em-en-oh”, as in abcdefghijk-yelLinMNO-pqrstuvwxyz but I don’t know if that helps with remembering what it is called).


for more reading fun.

I think there was also work on a YBCO, but i don’t think they were successful in floating magnets unless i missed that day. We definitely have a few pucks laying around


Yeah it was the blue compound you’re right but I know you guys had or made super conductors. Either way the video is interesting especially the reaction to form it.

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