Y No Ikea Hacking?

Is it just me or is there not enough love for ikea hacking, aluminum extrusions builds, opendesk, and case modding.

Let’s change that; who wants to join a few classes or even a SIG?





Please try to contain everything in a single post; there’s no reason to spam post this.


Opendesk DIY went TU some number of years ago, I do believe.


I’d wager there’s enough downloaded Opendesk furniture in the DMS community to put together a complete-ish library. I have several I’d be willing to furnish. For people’s personal use only of course.

I would’ve loved a class on “how to take an Opendesk download and actually make it on the Multicam” a couple of years ago.


We needed an uncarpeted workspace in our apartment, so I separated off part of our living room into a beautiful naturally-lit workshop. I installed decking tiles on the front of Kallax shelves with custom 3D printed brackets, so the reverse is all storage. I left the top row open as display space, and the eye level row is split so there’s a narrow shelf to display all sorts of little tchotchkes.

I did this a year ago, and thank GOD because Ed has to work from home now.


Ikea hacking? As long as it’s the Kullen. That one is a nice improvement over the Hurdal. But then, I’d have taken a Hemnes or Trysil over the Hurdal.

I’m partial to the Struva, Besta, and Glassvik combo:

but the Ribba is great too:

Found this via google: https://github.com/abetusk/dev/tree/release/projects/maslowcnc/opendesk

Looks like a different group already compiled everything.


I had to ask, who’s that bobblehead character in front of your pillow?

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It’s Garnet, from the Steven Universe tv show.

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Ikea hacks are great! The mods for the Lack table are legendary, including an enclosure for a 3D printer running ABS.

Semi off topic: where can I get a Garnet FuncoPop like this?

This is too funny… :smiley:


Hey @apparently_weird - JJ, it was a bit from Deadpool.

I know… recognized it but that’s the closest DP emoji.


Yep, that’s Garnet from Steven Universe. <3 I have one of Connie too.

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