Would these bits be useful for the Shapeoko?


I have been working with Molza Tool in California who makes quality US made carbide tooling that is perfect for the Multicam. Given our non-profit status, they graciously offered to supply a significant variety of cutter styles at truly outstanding prices. They have an significant inventory of old stock 1/4" shank x 1/8" dia x 1/4" LOC down spiral bits that they will sell to DMS for $0.92 each plus shipping. These are generally too small a length of cut (LOC) for Multicam users, but might they be of interest for the Shapeoko? I have one bit that was sent for testing.



I think these could work. The Shapeoko 2 has an ER11 collet and can accept 1/4" shank tooling. What’s the OAL (overall length) on these? I ask because the Shapeoko 2 doesn’t have a lot of clearance.

Another possible user is the Sherline Mill in Machine Shop. @nicksilva?

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I’m going to guess 2", but will measure next time I am at DMS.



They are certainly good candidates for the Sherline mill. Now if they had some ball-nose bits we could use them on the HAAS.

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What size ball nose? I can ask.

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We use the 1/16th for the domino project but 1:8 is also a good one



What shank size is preferred?
Also do you have other end mill sizes that you would like for me to check on for other milling machines?



For those they are usually 1/8 th shanks. For the larger sizes I’m pretty particular in the flutes so will stick with what I normally order. Those metal guys are pretty hard on tools



Molza has 44 of the subject bits in stock. I have requested an invoice for all of them. Will proceed with the order. Now Machine and CA will need to decide how to split & pay for the goods by the time I have an invoice to submit to finance …

@uglyknees @jphelps @nicksilva

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If you want to drop the demo end Mill in my bin I will give it a try on the Shapeoko and Sherline and report back.



That should not be a problem. We can ask the bookkeeper to move the funds from one committee to the committee that paid



In your bin, in the green cup, 2.5" long

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