Would someone cut some sheet steel for me?

Man I will be glad when that vaccine is out!

I have a piece of 22ga mild steel I want a 2" wide x 2’ strip of of. A friend tried to cut it using my bandsaw (which was a metal blade) unfortunately the saw walked all over the place and she gave up no wanting to make the stock unusable… This strikes me as a job for a shear, which I know the space has.

Would someone please pick the stock up at my house and get er done?

The stock?


Perhaps the plasma cutter could be used to make the cut?

Another option might be to use Metal Supermarkets. They can cut metal to custom sizes, you can get quotes online, and they deliver nationwide. They also have stores in Plano, Dallas, and Forth Worth.

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This steel is thin enough tin snip might cut it. 22 Ga. isn’t very thick. Iw2ant it neat, so a shear would be perfect. Perhaps a shop near Garland? Any key word suggestions to use on Google?

I have contacted Metal Super Markets in Plano and asked for a quote. On thinking about it, they seem the best option.