Would like a tour of ceramics space

Hi there,

My name is Ken, and I moved here last August for medical school. This summer, I’m looking to get back into ceramics, a hobby I have cherished since childhood. I’m super excited by your community-based setup and diverse class offerings. Would it be possible to drop by some time to get a quick tour and rundown of how everything works? I’m generally free on Saturdays and Sundays, though an afternoon during the week would also work.


If you happen to be free tomorrow, we have our monthly ceramics committee meeting at 6:30pm. I’m sure someone could meet you at the space before the meeting to give you a tour. Otherwise, there are always people there working on Saturdays and Sundays, so it should be no problem giving a tour.

But welcome! I think you’ll love our ceramics area. It’s a very active part of DMS.

Oh this is great! I am free during that time, so I’ll most likely be there. Thank you so much!

if you would like to meet at 6 im more than happy to show you the ceramics area

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Sounds great, I’ll be there! Thanks

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Thanks @trapper13!

Look for the Ceramics 100 class. It is a great introduction to our area and how things work in the space. Welcome :grin:

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Really appreciate you taking the reins here, Patrick! You’re probably too young but…


Hi! Welcome to DMS Ceramics. In addition to enrolling in a Ceramics 100 class, you can view FAQ like what kind of clay we use, how long it takes for pieces to get fired and the shelving storage times on our wiki here.

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oh lol i know exactly who richard simmons is

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