Working on Kabuki Drop Dallas PD for memorial

Hi there,
Forgive me if this is not the right place. I am a relatively new member to DMM and this is my first post on TALK.

I was contacted by DPD as I have a small marketing firm. They want to borrow some pipe & drape when they display the new police memorial to the five officers that were killed in 2016. I agreed to help, but am trying to make it really special for them.

My thought was to do a Kabuki drop. Effectively, this is a pole on a spring with a latching mechanism to stop it from spinning. Once it rotates, the pins attached to it (holding up the drape) rotate downwards and the curtain simply falls off.

Can anyone provide any guidance on how to do this? Or do you have a better way of doing this? Purchasing or renting professional Kabuki systems are insanely expensive.


Check with your local Fire Marshall and see if fire resistant drapery material is required. If you mention it is for the Police Department perhaps they will look the other way.

Thanks. Good idea… Luckily it is outside in front of the building… But still a good thing to think about.

Google found this resource for me with several options for DIY manual Kabuki Drop systems: