Working large format printer: Free

I am unsure who I would talk with about a working large format printer. My neighbor has one he needs to be rid of. It works great, he just doesn’t have space any longer. It would need transport to its new home. Thanks for the help and advice! :slight_smile:

Karen K.

What kind/size is it? I may be interested if a committee doesn’t need it.

It is pretty big. I do know it stands roughly 4’ft tall and about 3.5’ft wide. I will try to get a picture of it.

Include make and model - critical info!

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@Hardsuit is the leader for that SIG. I don’t think we’ll be needing this one, but I’ll defer to him.

You never know. This one might handle canvas, and that’d be a big difference. Or – maybe not.

Here are pictures in info.

Epson Stylus Pro 7000

Model # P180A

Serial # B8V0000870

8 color, 24" wide format. Discontinued model. Refillable ink cartridge set is $140, ink would be $208 ($348 for full set of filled cartridges, each cartridge is 250 ml).

Personal take is that it’s not worth it, but I’ll defer to the group.


UPDATE: The large format printer has found a new home. My neighbor put it out at the curb and someone drove off with it. Thank you for all advice and inquiries! Have an amazing day/night!