Woodworking area safety cert

If I were to RSVP to the woodworking class tonight, would I be able to safety cert for the woodworking area at the same time?

It looks like that’s a woodcarving class. That being the case, no. You’ll need to either take the class(es) when offered or find an instructor willing to do a one-off with you. I’m not an instructor; otherwise, I’d do it.

@jswebb - It looks like Mark put up a class “Bread Board Bootcamp” that will cover all the training for the woodshop tools [except lathes & CNC].


Make sure you use the discount code [look under the DMS-Members Only - Carpentry Corner Discount Code] for the discount.

You also might want to sign up soon - they tend to fill up quickly. I’m hoping to audit the new courses so I can help teach them, but work.

Haa! Breadboard… I saw that many times, I thought it was an Ardino/ Electronics class!


Is there any hope in getting into either of these classes? Possible no shows…ect?

That would be a question for @Mrksls2

I can usually take a couple of standbys. I prefer to teach no more than a total of 6 students per class.

I already handled it but thanks.

Meet at the Woodshop?


Meet in the annex area, just outside the woodshop doors.

My husband and I both tried to get into the breadboard class. We were able to register but Everbrite said the class was full.

Cutting board is possibly a better term. I also saw a breadboard and thought it was an arduino class. :slight_smile:

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charcuterie board!

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I am sorry, what was the Makerspace code?


@Ch4man - code can be found under the “DMS Members-Only” Area.

Dallas Makerspace Discount Code

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I am trying to get into “members only” and it does not let me access it. I am logged into the DMS website as a member, is there something else I need to do?


I just noticed you do not have a “Green Dot” next to your name… You will need to go to the “Please Give Me A Green Dot” section to request.

Give Me the Green Dot


For those needing certification, Mark has put up two more classes for this coming Saturday and Sunday. Make sure you use the discount code.


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