Woodturning SIG meeting- Feb 9th 1:30 (POS room)


Reminder, the Turning SIG meeting is this Sunday 1:30-3:00 in the pillar of solitude. For those who plan to come, does anyone want to do a demo, or want to see something specific demonstrated? I have no problems demonstrating something (if no one else wants to), just need to know what interests exist.


Is it just me or is the acronym used for Pillar of Solitude funny?


I’ll be there and am happy to demo as well. I have some big bowl blanks, a couple of pepper mills in the works, and am working on some production turning of 20 tap handles. For those I can show 1) how to insert the brass insert incorrectly in about half of your stock. Then how to go to the wood store with your tail between your legs, then how to buy the correct tool for inserting said brass inserts, and finally how to insert them using the drill press so they are friggin straight.


You have a tail? I want to see that.

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I think tap handles would be a good one and something we’ve not seen in a demo before. Thanks Ryan!

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Cool. They are pretty quick too.

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That’s great!

Also folks don’t forget this months challenge is a small bowl and there will be a prize for the winner!

Feel free to bring any show and tell items too if you want.

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I’ll be there. I would love to demo offset turning at some point too. Ryan called dibs this month but I may grab next if that works.


Sadly, I’ll miss this meeting. Ironically I signed up for a wood turning class before this meeting was scheduled.

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if its the dragon egg class that being taught by @Lordrook so you presumably would have time for the meeting

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No…it’s offsite.

Re POS acronym

Not just you. Everytime I see it. :stuck_out_tongue:

A little related story:

Awhile back when my husband was working in the NOC for a tech company, they had one terminal in there that had major ongoing issues that resisted solving.

They finally put a post-it note on the screen that simply said “POS” so folks would remember not to use it. (If it’s not obvious to some, POS often means Piece of S**t)

One day they were giving some high muckety-mucks a tour, had to clean up areas, look shiny, all that.

The manager giving the tour stops at the terminal with the POS note, asks with annoyance, “What’s this?!?”

Innocent look from husband…

“Partially operational system, sir.”


Hey all, I’ll still be at the meeting but likely have to leave early. @Kriskat30 can you do the demo?

Yes I can arrange it

I’m not available on Sundays. Have fun and post pictures.


Unfortunately I have an offsite commitment, I’d sure rather be there with you folks.


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Let’s we what we can do about mixing up the days so everyone can make it once in a while. Weekday evenings might be an option too.

Great turn out today.

I missed @Kriskat30 demo on eccentric turning, but did see the after piece. Very cool. Plus Kris talked about various ways to do it.

Who won the Galaxy prize Steve donated?

I did. Thank you all very much and for Steve’s donation. I’ll provide the prize for next time!

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Thank you @Kriskat30 again for the demo!!