Woodturning SIG meeting 2/9/20 Meeting Minutes

Thanks to everyone who was able to make it to the Woodturning SIG meeting yesterday. We had a pretty good turnout of 11 members and had a great demo.

a. Turning classes: Discussed current class offerings over the last 2 months and asked what other kind of classes might be of interest. Cross training among teachers was encourage so popular classes could be offered more frequently and not bottlenecked to single instructors.
b. Show and tell/monthly challenge: this months turning challenge was a small bowl. We had 6 participants and the winner was Kris who brought in a bowl made from spalted pecan (please correct me on species if I got that wrong). The bowl had a resin coated bottom that was a fantastic artistic addition to the whole look. The prize was a resin nebula pen blank. She has designated Candleholders as next months challenge and she will supply the prize to the winner so get to making!
c. SIG leader vote: the SIG was somewhat dormant last year and this was our first meeting in about as much time. A new SIG leader was needed and an open call for volunteers was had. Kris and Myself both threw our hats in the ring. The vote was very close but I was elected as SIG leader for a 6 month term. Our next vote will be in August.
d. Demonstration: Arguably the best part of the meeting Kris was kind enough to share her experience with off-center turning, provide a whiteboard chart about theory, and then did a demonstration to provide examples. If anyone has a picture of the chart, please upload below.

Thanks again to all who were able to make it. I will schedule the next meeting soon, and will take Johns advice about moving the days around so more folks can attend.


I wish I had thought of this but next time maybe we’ll remember to take a picture of everyone’s awesome bowls!


Do we have to do anything specific to the candle holders or is it up to the maker?

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Gah! we really should have. Bookmarking that idea for later.

@trapper13 it’s whatever you want to do. I kind of hope to see some off center turned candle sticks now that we all have a stronger knowledge base about doing that.


cool I get the basic principle of that now to execute it lol

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This was the most fun I’ve had at DMS for quite some time. The bowls were all very beautiful!

Congrats @Kriskat30 on winning the bowl contest and to @Lordrook as our new SIG leader.

Kris is a fantastic teacher. The demo was clear and informative. Thank you for the demo. I think I can confidently attempt offset turning now.

Here are some pictures. The first is the chart, the second is an off-center goblet that Kris brought in, and the third is an attempt to show the chart with the goblet to connect what she said about the beads and coves.

Thanks again for a great meeting!


I just snapped some pics of my bowl with my phone. It would be great to see the others, too!

This is pear provided by @prl2018 in his small bowl class. I did half in class and finished it out of class. The rough sides are live edge-ish under the bark.


Here is my resin bowl. And yes Steve, you are correct that it is spalted Pecan. Thanks again for letting me demo!


Dang. Sorry I missed you all. Sounds like it was a good time. We had an appt to look at a pup to adopt and it took longer than I thought it would. Next time.


That is one cute bundle of trouble!


Waddya going to name him/her/they?

Live Edge?


Did you turn that? Tee hee


Gouge would actually make a pretty good dog name. :dog:


Haha, Turner would have been clever. He’s bandit. Or Neato Bandito if anyone asks me.


And frito bandito if left to vie a 1960’s me.

Just want to say… I think the SIG needs a mascot… And he’s adorable!