Woodshop Volunteer Thanks

Everything was working when I left the woodshop on Tuesday night

Mitch @themitch22 and Thomas @Tres0422 installed the new spindle on the Multicam, trammed it and resurfaced the spoil board.

Jeff Hess @jeffhess installed the new boards in the drum sander and made it functional.
It still needs an Emergency Stop Switch, but it is functional.

Mark Salas @Mrksls2 scrounged through the stash of used blades and replaced 10 damaged blades on the planner. It is functional.

Dan Wolf @dwolf installed new belts on two lathes that had bad belts.

Paul Lachance @prl2018 replaced plugs on the vacuum from Automotive and a new (to DMS) angle drill for woodturners.

The switch was replaced on the Jet Sander, all is well

The switch was replaced on the Powermatic Lathe, it is fully functional.

A big thanks to all of those who helped get the woodshop up and functional.


Awesome people


I’d like to add my thanks. Someone had broken an out feed roller

And just left it :disappointed:

But I asked a person that I had never met who was welding that night if he could maybe spot weld it, as the break looked like it was at the weld.

And he did. Right then.

So thank you, battle bot maker, Logan Davis,
I really appreciate you!!


Thanks to all who helped! you are awesome!

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all you guys rock. :metal:

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Thank you!!!

One more thanks!

Paul LaChance @prl2018 did the following

Hi all,

We received in a shipment of parts today and I’ve used the majority of them. The remainder are in the instructors cabinet.

Maintenance by lathe is as follows:

Replace power switch assembly installed
Replace lead screw
Quill cleaned, channel dressed, sanded and re used.

New forward /reverse switch installed
Replace lead screw
Replace quill
Replace tail stock locking lever
Replace tool rest height adjust screw

Replace quill
Replace lead screw

Replace quill
Replace lead screw
Replace quill locking lever
Replace tail stock lock lever
Tried to clean power switch but it is still faulty. It will not turn off reliably. Swapped with known good power switch and same condition occurs. Need a full power switch assembly.
Still showing an E6 error so it needs a spindle sensor and collar.

All tail stock castings cleaned and lubricated.

Dan- can you add this info to your spreadsheet?

All of the lathe beds need to be refinished and waxed. I’ll set up open hours on Saturday to solicit volunteers!

I’ll generate a list of needed parts and get those out by tomorrow.



Here’s another big thank you to @shoottx for your leadership and for keeping woodshop running despite all the obstacles.

I only wish I had told you sooner how much I and the rest of the committee value your contributions and appreciate all you do.


@Team_Moderators please lock this post, I was using as the woodshop chair to thank people. I am no longer in that position